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Kentucky Public Health has now open up a website for Patients and their Legal Guardians to view and print an official records of their immunizations.


KYIR Public Portal


Fairview Community Health Center is a FHSCAA deemed health center

Fairview Community Health Center is renewed as a FHSCAA deemed health center. This status, as a Federal HRSA grant recipient, protects us against frivolous law suits and helps us hold overall costs down so that we can do more with our resources in general.

FTCA Seal 5.3.22



Fairview Community Health Center is awarded medals for high quality health care

Fairview Community Health Center (FCHC) has for another consecutive year, received the HRSA quality award for providing excellent healthcare to its patients. HRSA tracks many factors in all (FQHC) Federally Qualified Health Care centers across the nation and for a 5th consecutive year Fairview CHC is part of the best quality providers. Fairview CHC has received both the high quality award and quality improvement award.


Fairview Community Health Center supports involvement in the Bright Coalition

The Barren River Initiative to Get Healthy Together (BRIGHT) Coalition is a non-profit health coalition that serves the 10 county Barren River Region. The BRIGHT Coalition goals are to promote healthy individuals, families and communities of the Barren River Area Development District. The  BRIGHT Coalition has published its most recent Community Health Assessment. CHA 2022-2025 that outlines needs and issues concerning improving health in our area. Please review the document and get involved if you are able as an individual, business or organization.



Bluewater Diagnostics will end drive up COVID Testing at  Fairview Community Health Center

3/11/22 will be the last day for Bluewater Diagnostic Drive up Covid testing.
Bluewater has been a tremendous partner in all of our efforts to combat the Covid epidemic. Their professionalism and reliability was a excellant and we are grateful for all the support they provided us and the BG / WC community.


Fairview Community Health Center promotes KYnect.

Open Enrollment to purchase health coverage (QHP) through KYNECT for 2022 will take place from Nov. 1 – Jan. 15, 2022. For any changes to your 2021 health coverage, you may visit  or go to


Fairview CHC takes part in the BRIGHT coalition health and wellness survey.

Please follow this link BRIGHT Coalition Survey

Your participation will help us understand the true needs of our communities and better serve you and your family. This is a project managed by the Barren River Initiatve to Get Healthy Together (BRIGHT Coalition). We appreciate you taking the time to take our survey.


Fairview CHC announces parking lot testing for COVID -19 resumes

 Due to the increase of infections of the Covid-19- Delta variant, Fairview CHC will once again partner with Bluewater Diagnostics to provide drive-up COVID PCR testing in their parking lot. Hours will be Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4pm – beginning Monday – August 9th and will continue until further notice. The Fairview Community Health Center clinic is located in Bowling Green at 225 Natchez Trace Ave. (off of Lovers Lane – across from the soccer complex- Behind WKONA)



Fairview CHC announces acquisition of Language Line telepresence translator devices


Fairview Community Health Center has acquired 19 Language Line Video conference translation devices. The iPad based devices will add tremendously to our ability to converse effectively with our non English speaking patients. While we have on site Spanish translators and have had voice access to the Language Line services for many years, the visual component adds a new level of accuracy and confidence to both our patients and health care providers when discussing medical issues and details of treatment plans.


Fairview announces that masks will still be required in the clinic

In compliance with the KY Governor’s medical exemption clause of his decision to relax the mask mandate in the state, like most medical facilities, Fairview Community Health Center will continue to require masks at all times while in the clinic building.


Fairview CHC announces that the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine is now available

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now available to our patients. This vaccine is a one dose vaccine and can be given to anyone age 18 years of age and up. Please make an appointment to talk to your provider and be vaccinated. Vaccination is the very best way to put COVID-19 behind us as Kentuckians.


Fairview CHC announces that public COVID-19 testing to be discontinued 3/12/21

After a year long partnership with Bluewater Diagnostics , Fairview CHC will no longer offer public COVID testing in its parking lot. The demand, for testing of the general public, has dramatically decreased now that the vaccine is becoming more and more available. In-house quick testing is still available for our existing patients via our Same Day / Triage department. If you are already are a Fairview CHC patient and would like to be tested , please call – 270-783-3573 exts. 1018 or 1227 to make an appointment.


CEO Chris Keyser Retires – CFO John Lillybridge named as the new CEO

After 20 years of service to Fairview CHC and 30 years service in health care, Chris Keyser is retiring as the Director and CEO of Fairview Community Health Center. Ms. Keyser is one of the founders of the Fairview clinic after it was originally born from the BGWC Health Department, where she was previously the Center Director. John Lillybridge will step into the CEO role on March 1st, Mr. Lillybridge has previously been the CFO of Fairview CHC for the past 8 years.

Web Link to BG Daily News article


GetCovered2021 – Still time to get enrolled into 

11/03/2020 – Open Enrollment for Medicaid is Nov 2 through Dec 15, 2020.

Medicaid Managed Care Open Enrollment FAQ

Here are some questions answered if you are just now getting starting to get enrolled

Click Here for Open Enrollment FAQ’s
Click Here for Open enrollment plans Compared


FLU shots available now

Fairview Community Health Center announces that FLU vaccine is now  available for all patients. Call to make your appointment – Call the main number @270-783- 3573

Fairview Community Health Center


Fairview Community Health Center was selected for a HHS Quality Improvement Award for the 4th year in a row.

HRSA’s quality improvement awards recognize the highest performing health centers nationwide as well as those health centers that have made significant quality improvements from the previous year.

* Note – Fairview CHC is listed on the federal HHS website as BG/WC Primary Care Center.