A team structure assists each clinic provider

The entire staff at Fairview Community Health Center looks forward to forming long-term relationships with you and your family. We strive to provide the type of health care that will enrich and enhance your life. Good Health is easier to maintain with regular checkups and appointments to manage chronic conditions.

To contact and communicate with your provider and their team – call the main Clinic number 270-783-3573 and then the extension for that provider’s team leader. Otherwise, when you call, follow the prompts to the Spanish or Bosnian translators or to the main call center operators and they will connect you with the appropriate staff person.

Our Providers and Care Teams

Our Providers and staff are arranged in teams – To reach a provider please call the appropriate Team Leader or Referral Clerk based on what your specific needs are.

Main Phone # 270-783-3573 - - - Main Fax # 270-783-4081

Family Practice

Dawn Guess, NP

Diana Sprinkle, NP

Referral Clerk: Marissa – Ext 1015

Team Leader: Tara – Ext 1051

Family Practice

Tara Brooke-Clarke, NP

Nicole Wise, NP

Heather Parsley, NP

Thomas Hughes, MD

Referral Clerk: Annetta – Ext 3013

Team Leader: Candice – Ext 1048

Family Practice

Diana Wooden, NP

Latricia Riley, NP

Referral Clerk: Teresa –  Ext 1024

Team Leader: Nancy –  Ext 1035

Family Practice

Lori England-Wright, MD

Robert Allen Redden, MD

Referral Clerk: Chrissy – Ext 1202

Team Leader: Dana – Ext 1076


Rick Voakes, MD

Lori Witcher, MD

Allison Toon, NP

Referral Clerk: Brandi – Ext 1052

Team Leader: Brittany – Ext 1043 or Angela –  Ext 1010

Triage / Same Day

Monica King, NP

Kara Haughtigan, NP

Sheila Catlett, NP

Triage Nurse: Susan – Ext 1018

Triage Nurse: Laura – Ext 1227

Triage / Same Day

William Harrell, MD

Elizabeth Sternberg, MD

Triage Nurse: Susan –  Ext 1018

Triage Nurse: Laura  – Ext 1227

You may also communicate with your Healthcare Team via our Patient Portal App

Talk to us about turning your access to the Patient Portal App –
Along with communicating with your healthcare team, you can also have access to your health records from your smartphone.